Original POA-LMP49 de la Lámpara del Proyector Módulo para SANYO PLC-UF15 PLC-XF42 PLC-XF45 /Eiki LC-UXT3 LC-XT3 LC-XT9/Christie LU77 LX100
Original POA-LMP49 de la Lámpara del Proyector Módulo para SANYO PLC-UF15 PLC-XF42 PLC-XF45 /Eiki LC-UXT3 LC-XT3 LC-XT9/Christie LU77 LX100
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Friendly Reminder: Respected customers, please confirm whether this product is your product before placing the order, so as to avoid mistakes and delay your time.If you are not sure, please contact our customer service technicians online or by mail.This is 100% original bare lamp,pls rest assure to buy.Description: Type : 100% Original Projector Lamp Part Number : POA-LMP49 Original Lamp Module Rate power : 250W Compatible with : POA-LMP49, 610 300 0862, 610 3000862, 610-300-0862, 610-3000862, 610300 0862, 610300-0862, 6103000862, POALMP49 ,LC-UXT3, LC-UXT3C, LC-UXT3D, LC-UXT3E, LC-UXT3U, LC-UXT3UE, LCUXT3, LCUXT3C, LCUXT3D, LCUXT3E, LCUXT3U, LCUXT3UE, LC-XT3, LC-XT3C, LC-XT3D, LC-XT3E, LC-XT3U, LC-XT3UE, LCXT3, LCXT3C, LCXT3D, LCXT3E, LCXT3U, LCXT3UE, LC-XT9, LC-XT9C, LC-XT9D, LC-XT9E, LC-XT9U, LC-XT9UE, LCXT9, LCXT9C, LCXT9D, LCXT9E, LCXT9U, LCXT9UE

Average Life (hrs) : 2000-3000hrs.Easy to install

The quality can be guaranteed and price is competitive

Quality Warranty : 210 days after delivery

Place of Origin : Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

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1.Check the lamp by yourself

Before placing an order, Comfirm the problem is from the projector,the TV, or the bulb.Wrong judgment will bring us a lot of work and matters.Here are most of the product problems with projectors, it caused from the following aspects:

a.Power board failure b.Mainboard failure

c.Fan failure d.Color wheel failure

e.LCD panel failure f.Color panel failure

g.Lens failure h.DMD failure

I.PBS panel failure J.Glass tube failure

k.Optical parts failure l.other failure

In order to avoid losing money and time for us,we recommend you describe the problems to us before placing an order.Our professional technician will assist you to confirm the problems.Or else you can use a new lamp to test the projector.If your misjudgement caused the loss,you need to afford the restock and the cost of transportations 2.Shipping a: We will ship your order within 72 hours.b: We suggest you to choose DHL or Yojovenyrural.cl premium service if you are urgent,they are much faster .After we got your order, we will check your address .If your address is in a remote area, you need to pay an additional surcharge c: About the declared amount,usually we write USD5 for each bulb to Most countries(Brazil and Russia will be declared USD15,India USD20).You can confirm with us before your order ship out.d: We will not take any responsibility for destination customs clearance tax and other expenses caused by customs clearance.Please make sure that you accept such terms before we ship.e: If you need to change the address after placing the order, please contact me within 24 hours after ordering.If you miss the time, we will not take any responsibility.f: If you need an invoice, please feel free to contact me.g: After we send out the shipment,transportation is out of my control.Sincerely hope that you can understand if the delivery time exceeds your expectations, h: If you give up the parcel or abandon the goods in the customs clearance, we will not charge it.

Etiquetas: doxa lamp, tianfan lamp, zeron lamp, desck lamp, fill lamp, crackle lamp, deevolpo lamp, falamaden lamp, konesky lamp, fittingen lamp.

  • Wattage: 200W
  • HID: Mercury lamp
  • Brand Name: SAIO
  • Place of Original: China
  • Lamp type: Original Projector bulb ONLY
  • Power: 250W
  • Model Number: POA-LMP49
  • Lifespan: 2000-3000hrs
  • Warranty: 210days
  • Origin: CN(Origin)

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